About Us

The Butterfly Lodge Alliance, a part of the Town & Country Lifelong Learners*: Leisure Pursuits is an educational and activity program; facilitated by volunteers, serving residents of Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.Butterfly yorkshire rose

Join our journeys through Arizona and beyond in search of the majestic butterfly. Educational meetings, programs and activities are held during the summer months with state-wide butterfly field trips and butterfly counts during the rest of the year. We encourage habitat restoration, in home gardens and public spaces.

Get newsletters, gardening tips, activity and trip news without spending a fortune. We are also a very social group!
Join the Butterfly Lodge Alliance, it’s the best bargain in town, costing just $15.00** for a full year membership.

Or join through the Town & Country Lifelong Learners plan. Membership costs only $75.00** for a full year. Membership allows you to enroll in as many Town & Country Lifelong Learner programs as you wish.

If you’re a Winter Visitor our semester rate of $25.00** may just be what you’re looking for. Membership allows you to enroll in as many Town & Country Lifelong Learners programs as you wish.

Town & Country Lifelong Learners semesters run for 13 weeks, starting January, April, July and October.

**Event/Supply Fees may apply.

*Town & Country Lifelong Learners is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

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  1. Hi, thanks for introducing yourselves by following our site. If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page to as well. See you there!

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